General Awareness : Geography Quiz 1

Important Geography Question Answers for Competitive Exams / Geography Quiz for competitive Exams conducted by SSC, UPSC, Railway, etc. / Geography Quiz.

1. Tsunamis are originated due to –
(a) Sea waves                
(b) Earthquake
(c) Hurricane                  
(d) Rotation of the earth

2. The famous ‘Ring of fire’ which account for 68% of an earthquakes occurring in the earth is in the –
(a) Atlantic ocean          
(b) Indian ocean
(c) Pacific ocean            
(d) Arctic ocean

3. Indravati is a tributary of which river ?
(a) Ganga
(b) Godavari
(c) Krishna
(d) Mahana

4. Which one of the following rivers originates near Mahabaleshwar ?
(a) Godavari
(b) Krishna
(c) Kaveri
(d) Tapi

5. With reference to the climate of India, the western disturbances originate over which one of the following ?
(a) Arabian Sea
(b) Baltic Sea
(c) Caspian Sea
(d) Mediterranean Sea

6. The latitude is the angular distance of a point on the Earth's surface, north or south, of the Equator as measured from the:
(a) centre of the Earth
(b) Equator
(c) Tropic of Cancer or the Capricorn
(d) Poles    

7. How many Kilometres are represented by 1 degree of latitude?
(a) 111 km
(b) 321 km
(c) 211 km
(d) 91 km

8. The world’s largest chain of mountains above sea level is:
(a) The Andes.
(b) The Alps
(c) The Himalayas.
(d) The Rockies

9. The earth is going around the sun in an
(a) circular orbit
(b) rectangular orbit
(c) elliptical orbit
(d) None of these

10. How many countries share land boundaries with India?
(a) Five
(b) Six
(c) Seven
(d) Nine

11.'EI Nino' associated with the formation of the South West Monsoon of India is
(a) a periodic law pressure centre
(b) an abnormally warm ocean current
(c) a periodic warm air-mass
(d) a periodic warm wind

12.The thermal equator is found
(a) at the equator
(b) at the Tropic of Cancer
(c) north of the geographical equator
(d) south of the geographical equator

13.A nautical mile is equal to
(a) 5060 feet
(b) 6080 feet
(c) 5280 feet
(d) 6060 feet

14.Horse latitudes lie within the atmosphere pressure belts of
(a) Equatorial low
(b) Polar high
(c) Sub-tropical high
(d) Sub-polar low

15.The warm and dry winds that blow down the steep valleys in Japan are called
(a) Yamo
(b) Zonda
(c) Tramontanc
(d) Santa Ana


1. B     2. C     3. B     4. B      5. A      6. B      7. A     8. A      9. C     10. C     11. B     12. C     13. B     14. C      15. A

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