General Awareness : History Quiz 8

General Knowledge / Basic History Quiz / History Question Answers for Competitive Exams / Important Questions of History for Competitive Exams Conducted by SSC, UPSC, Railway etc. 

1.Which country has always remained free from foreign rule?

a. Phillipines
b. Nepal
c. USA
d. Laos

2. Who was the founder of Saka Era?

a. Kanishka                    
b. Chandragupta Maurya
c. Samudragupta
d. Chandragupta Vikramaditya

3. During the early Vedic period, the society was based on

a. Birth
b. Wealth
c. Religion
d. Occupation

4. Which line of rulers succeeded the Maurayas in Magadh?

a. Sungas
b. Kushan
c. Vardhanas
d. Guptas

5. Which of the following is the oldest monument?

a. Qutub Minar
b. Ajanta Caves
c. Taj Mahal
d. Khajuraho

6. Which of the following statements is not correct?

a. The Rig Vedic people worshipped nature.
b. The Rig Vedic Aryans were by and large urban people.
c. The Rig Vedic family comprised parents and other kith and kin apart from husband and wife.
d. The Rig Vedic women were highly; respected and that most of the religious ceremonies’ were considered incomplete unless wives joined their husbands

7. Codes of conduct of the Vedic Society are laid down in

a. Puranas
b. Vedas
c. Brahmanas
d. Smritis

8. Which of the following was not one of the distinguished tribes of the later Vedic period?’

a. Videhas
b. Bharatas
c. Panchalas
d. Kurus

9. In Rig Vedic period, the most important functionary after the king was

a. Purohita
b. Senani
c. Law Officer
d. Tax Collector

10. The tax which the kings used to collect from the people in the Vedic period was called

a. Kara
b. Varman
c. Bali
d. Vidatha

11. The Gupta emperor who undertook South-em Campgian was:

a. Chandra Gupta
b. Skanda Gupta
c. Vishnu Gupta
d. Samudra Gupta

12. The Alahabad pillar inscription was composed by

a. Vikramaditya
b. Harisena
c. Samudragupta
d. Vishnugupta

13.The Navaratnas of Sanskrit literature flourished in the Court of

a. Chandragupta Vikramaditya
b. Samudragupta
c. Chandragupta Maurya
d. Krishnadeva Raya

14.The Surya Siddhanta is written by

a. Varahamihira
b. Aryabhata
c. Visakhadatta
d. Vishnusarma

15. Charaka and Susruta are the Ayurvedic books flourished in …… period

a. Satavahana
b. Gupta
c. Nanda
d. None


1. B     2. A     3. D     4. A     5. B     6. B     7. D     8. B     9. A      10. C     11. D     12. B     13. A      14. B     15. B

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