General Science Quiz 7

General Science Quiz / General Science for Competitive Examinations / General Science Multiple Choice Question Answers / Important Question & Answers for SSC , Railway Examinations.

1. RADAR is used for
A. locating submerged submarines
B. receiving a signals in a radio receiver
C. locating geostationary satellites
D. detecting and locating the position of objects such as aeroplanes
2. The velocity of sound in air (under normal conditions) is–
A. 30 m / sec
B. 320 m / sec
C. 332 m / sec
D. 3,320 m / sec
3. Radioactive substances can be produces readily in–
A. an electron gun
B. an atomic pile
C. a transistor
D. a Wilson cloud chamber
4. When a given amount of air is cooled–
A. the amount of moisture it can hold decreases
B. its absolute humidity decreases
C. its relative humidity remains constant
D. its absolute humidity increases
5. The moon has no atmosphere because–
A. no atmosphere has ever formed there
B. the rocky surface completely absorbed the gases
C. due to the low temperature, gases have condensed
D. its gravitational pull is not strong enough to hold an atmosphere
6. Bamboo is classified as
A.  Bush
B.  Tree
C.  Grass
D.  Weed
7. Plants synthesis protein from
A.  Starch
B.  Sugar
C.  Fatty acids
D.  Amino acids
8. Plants absorb dissolved nitrates from soil and convert them into :
A.  Free nitrogen
B.  Urea
C.  Proteins
D.  Ammonia
9. Which of the following gases readily combines with the haemoglobin of the blood?
A.  Carbon monoxide
B.  Methene
C.  Oxygen
D.  Nitrogen dioxide
10. Human blood is a viscous fluid due to
A.  Platelets in plasma
B.  Proteins in blood
C.  RBC and WBC in blood
D.  Sodium in serum
11. The body fights infections with the help of -
A. Plasma
B. Antigen
C. Good Food
D. Immune System
12. Cub is a baby animal related to -
A. Tiger, Bear, Lion
B. Tiger, Bear, Elephant
C. Bear, Elephant, Lion
D. Lion, Tiger, Camel
13. The hormone which is not directly associated with reproduction is -
A. Testosterone
B. Oestrogen
C. Progesterone
D. Parathormone
14. Ram wants to bite into an apple. Which type of teeth will be use?
A. Incisors
B. Canines
C. Premolars
D. Molars
15. Which of the following is a fish?
A. Jelly Fish
B. Lobster
C. Salmon
D. Whale


1. D      2. C     3. B     4. A      5. D      6. C      7. D     8. A      9. A    10. B     11. D     12. A      13. D
14. A    15. C

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