Most Expected Questions for SSC CHSL / SSC CGL Exam & Competitive Exams

Most Expected Questions for SSC CHSL / SSC CGL Exam & Competitive Exams / General Awareness Question / GK / Expected GA Question

General Awareness Question : SSC CHSL / SSC CGL Exam

Dear Reader here we are providing 50 Most Expected Questions which are important for SSC CGL Exam as well as other competitive exams like SSC CHSL, SSC CPO, SSC GD-Constable, Delhi Police etc.The Combined Graduate Level Exam is conducted by Staff Selection Commission for the recruitment of Group C (non-technical) & Group B posts various posts into the Central Government and its departments.As we know that SSC CGL is the most popular exam in India. A great number of candidates are preparing for this examination and numerous candidates appear in Combined Graduate level Exam every Year.

Most Expected Questions for SSC CHSL / SSC CGL Exam

In this page we have provided most expected General Awareness question which are important for SSC CGL as well as other competitive exams.The candidates who are preparing for SSC CGL 2017, are suggested to read all the question carefully which are mentioned below.

1. Which gas is used in fire extinguishers ?

A. Carbon dioxide

B. Nitrogen oxide

C. Carbon monoxide

D. Sulpher dioxide

2. The metallurgical process in which a metal is obtained in a fused state is called ?

A. roasting

B. calcinations

C. smelting

D. froth floatation

3. Which of the following is produced during the formation of photochemical smog ?

A. Nitrogen Oxides

B. Hydrocarbons

C. Methane

D. Ozone

4. Which of the following gas is used in cigarette lighters ?

A. Butane

B. Propane

C. Methane

D. Ethane

5. Biogas majorly contains ?

A. Ethane

B. Methane

C. Hydrogen


6. The chemical name of rat poison is

A. Zinc oxide

B. Potassium cyanide

C. Lead nitrate

D. Zinc phosphide

7. Which of the following pairs is NOT correctly matched?

A. Haematite : Copper

B. Bauxite : Aluminium

C. Monazite : Thorium

D. Pitchblende : Uranium

8. Which of the following is used for refrigeration ?

A. Sulphur dioxide

B. Chlorine

C. Freon

D. Phosphine

9. Which of the following is used denature ethanol?

A. Methyl alcohol

B. Propyl alcohol

C. Phenol

D. Methane

10. The main constituent of natural gas is

A. Methane

B. Ethane

C. Butane

D. Propane

11. India has been classified as ___________ by the World Bank on the basis of the size & composition of external debt.

A. Less indebted country

B. Highly indebted country

C. Moderately indebted country

D. None of these

12. Development expenditure of the Central government does not include

A. defence expenditure

B. expenditure on economic services

C. expenditure on social and community services

D. grant to states

13.Devaluation of a currency means

A. reduction in the value of a currency vis-a-vis major internationally traded currencies

B. permitting the currency to seek its worth in the international market

C. fixing the value of the currency in conjunction with the movement in the value of a basket of   pre-determined currencies

D. fixing the value of currency in multilateral consultation with the IMF, the World Bank and    major trading partners

14. NREGP is the abbreviated form of

A. National Rural Employment Guarantee Programme

B. National Rural Educational Guarantee Programme

C.  National Rapid Employment Guarantee Programme

D. National Rapid Educational Guarantee Programme

15. The main source of National Income in India is

A. Service Sector

B. Agriculture

C. Industrial Sector

D. Trade Sector

16. On which date Constitution of India was adopted and enacted by the Constituent Assembly?

A. August 15, 1947.

B. January 26, 1950.

C. November 26, 1949.

D. January 30, 1948.

17. Indian Constitution came into force on:

A. 26 Jan 1949.

B. 26 Jan 1950.

C. 15 Nov 1950.

D. 15 Aug 1947.

18. The members of the Constituent Assembly were

A. directly elected by the people.

B. nominated by the Indian National Congress.

C. nominated by the rulers of the Indian States.

D. elected by the Provincial Assemblies.

19. Provincial Constitution Committee of the Constituent Assembly had been chaired by:

A. Jawahar Lal Nehru.

B. Sardar Patel.

C. Bishwanath Das.

D. None of these.

20. Who of the following was the Permanent Chairman of the Constituent Assembly?

A. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

B. Dr. Rajendra Prasad.

C. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

D. Sardal Patel

Answer Keys:

1.A  2.C  3.D  4.A  5.B  6.D  7.A  8.C  9.A  10.A  11.A  12.A  13.A  14.A  15.A  16.C  17.B  18.D  19.B  20.B

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